First of Many

New year, new me (biggest lie ever)! I have decided that with my new website that I should have a blog.

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Well, hear me out Brenda. I intend on using my blog as a way to highlight some of the interesting things happening in science (mainly the field I am in), along with some tutorials in R and bioinformatics. I will admit that I, like most people, do not have all the answer. That’s what stack overflow is for. But, if I can help anyone through any challenges they face, then all of it would be worth something!

Another aspect I intend on documenting is my journey through science/PhD life. Too often, we only see the scientific aspect of a scientist. It would be a reminder that majority of the time, we are normal people. We have hobbies and enjoy interacting with others. But more importantly, we, like everyone else, appreciate memes.

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So, with that, watch this space. More content will arrive (provided I’m not too busy with my PhD).

TL;DR I’m making a blog to write about science, bioinformatics and my personal journey through science.